Keeping wild animals as pets – cruel or not?

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Keeping wild animals as pets – cruel or not?

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Most domestic animals are more friendly and easy to control in different situations. It becomes an easy task to train, feed, or shelter them. Their nature of behavior differs a lot with that of wild animals. Wild animals have distinctive characteristics that make them not to be kept as pets. Here are some reasons why keeping are termed to be cruel and not kept as pets.

The need for specialized care

Some animals have their way of living and concerns that no human being can provide. For example, some wild animals need a special type of food that may not be available locally. Baby animals need better care they get from their mother. Wild animals that are considered to be taken as pets are more captured while they are young. At this stage, they need special feed since they cannot eat what human being is consuming.

Not friendly to human beings

Wild animals such as wild dogs may be harmful to human beings and other domestic animals such as chicken. It may result in animals fight on a home that keeps several types of wild animals. Snakes such as pythons are more dangerous to both humans and animals around them. Predators consider other animals, including humans as prey.

Environment and surroundings

In some cases, wild animals like grouping themselves in a way that they may walk and graze together. While dangerous animals such as lion do not walk or stay in the same environment with other animals. It becomes a hard task to keep such animals as pets. The environment of the lion is characterized by quietness and calmness.

Transmission of disease

Wild animals are not vaccinated, unlike the domestic animals, therefore keeping them in your home can cause sickness. Pests and other micro pests are likely to be found on the skins of some animals. Tsetse flies tend to attack areas where there is a source of food, such as wild animals. Such wild animals may because of diseases to you and your other pets alike.

Endangering of species

Some wild animal species are likely to face difficulties if separated from their group. Animals are like human beings; they can be affected due to stress and finally die. Capturing wild animals using dangerous methods or tools can harm them.

The high number of some wild animals

There are groups of wild animals that reproduce within a short time. The size of your home may not accommodate such a large number. Animals such as wild dogs have a higher growth rate in terms of population and may have several effects.

Wild animals are still a wild animal

You can take a baby of a wild animal and take care of it and train it, but it won’t behave like a pet. The behavior of a wild animal remains unchanged until it is under its environment.

It is an offense

Keeping a non-authorized animal in your home is violating a government law. There are set rules by governing authoritative under Wildlife Service that should be adhered to.


Pets are characterized according to their behaviour changes able to train them. Unlike wild animals, domestic animals have a universal character of being friendly to human beings. Although some wild animals may appear friendly such as monkeys, more care on how to handle them should be considered.

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