Top 6 reasons for having a horse as a pet

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Top 6 reasons for having a horse as a pet

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When we think of pets, the last thing on our list is horses. Almost every girl in this world at some point wanted to have her horse, or in her words “a pony”. The guys at Plasterer Sydney has a lot of experience with horses. They support a charity that aims to give shelter to mistreated horse all over Sydney.

Horses are amazing and graceful animals that are often used as therapy animals and a lot of people who are often in contact with them have a feeling of calmness.


Being in nature, riding your horse is good for your overall health. It is good for your lungs, your skin is going to get enough vitamin D. Horseback riding is a great physical activity that also helps with your coordination and posture as well. Not to mention that this activity is good for the horse as well.

Long lifespan

If you ever had a smaller pet, like a cat or a dog, then you know their lifespan is much shorter than ours. If you ever felt the loss of that pet, then you know how difficult it can be, especially if you have kids. Horses can normally live up to 30 years which will spare your child of a loss of their childhood friend. By the time their pet passes away, they will already be adults and understand the meaning of death. 


Having a horse means owning a lot of fun as well. Some horses, like humans, have personalities of their own. Some of them will even sneak on you and bump their head gently on your back, or pull your hair a bit to get your attention. Having a horse will prove a lot of fun for all the family. 

Easy grooming

Grooming your horse is going to prove as an easy task. A lot of them enjoy being washed and they simply love when you brush them. If you want to make grooming even easier for yourself you can braid their tail and neck hair so it doesn’t get tangled. You should be brushing them regularly, at least once a day so that you clear them of all the dust particles and small bugs that may be on their fur. You should also try to clean their hooves at least twice a day because they get full of dirt and grass from walking and running. If you don’t clean them often enough, it can become very painful for the horse.

Improved mental health

Typically, interacting with animals, particularly pets, is known to relieve stress. Like any other pet, horse boosts the moods of the owner. With its considerably larger size, it means there are many cuddles and more stroke. If you are shy and wish to spend moments alone, then being with your horse at the stable is the best you can have.

Horses are highly attracted to humans and can easily mirror and respond to human behavior. This makes them useful in psychotherapy. The fresh air caressing you face must reset your stress and make you vibrant.

Socializing with friends and family

Once you get a horse, a lot of your family and friends will want to come to your house and want to go for a ride on it. It is also a very unusual and great conversation starter. Not to mention, all the kids from your neighborhood will love you, especially if you let them ride it. If you live in a rural neighborhood some of your neighbors may also have a horse of their own. Instead of going for a walk with your friends or neighbors, you can simply invite them to go on horsehide with you.

Having a horse as a pet has its positive and negative sides, however, we believe that there are many more positives. When you had any doubts about whether or not you should get a horse as a pet, we how this article cleared all of them.

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