Cat vs dog – which one is for you

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Cat vs dog – which one is for you

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When choosing a pet for the first time, most people wonder “Am I a cat or a dog person?”. Well. Today is the day you find out. In this article, we bring you many differences between cats and dogs that should help animal lovers decide whether they are better off having a cat, or a dog as their pet.


We believe that the price itself can’t be a factor in this matter. Some breeds of cats and dogs are cheaper or more expensive than the other and there is always an option of adopting one of them. Adopting them usually costs as much as making papers for your pet, and nothing more than that. Some places don’t even charge this fee. Besides we will not spend too much time on this factor.


All animals have different preferences when it comes to meals. Cats will eat small amounts and on more frequent occasions while dogs may survive on one meal in a day. Make sure to understand the dietary needs of your pet to know the best meals and nutrition requirements.


Are you looking for a workout furry friend? Then cats may not be your favorite option. Cats like spending in the comfy house environment and occasionally playing with you. However, they will pounce when stalking prey and playing toys, which is enough exercise for them. In contrast, dogs are great exercise buddies and will enjoy trekking.

Pack mentality

Unlike dogs, which are pack members, cats are lone hunters and will enjoy spends alone to learn new environments. This does not mean you should not scratch their back anyway. Dogs will follow their pet parents since they see them as pack leaders and will easily cope with your routine.


Even though cats like to play from time to time, they are more passive than dogs. Dogs are far more energetic, they require walks every single day and they need their daily playtime to spend all the extra energy they have. This can be a crucial factor depending on your lifestyle. When you work extended hours and don’t have time to walk your dog, then maybe a cat is a better choice for you.  


Training dogs can sometimes be very easy as they are quite eager to learn new things. Cats on the other time have never throughout history shown much interested in being trained to do some things like sit, stay, etc. Because of this, cats are more prone to causing trouble while the dogs can be trained to keep your house or apartment safe from burglars.


While there are many similarities in grooming your cat or a dog, sometimes dogs can require a bit more grooming which can cost more money. Bringing them to the groomer to cut their nails and hair can be quite expensive, but if you’re realiable to invest some time and money in some tools, you may even be able to train your dog to perform himself while you do the grooming yourself. This can save you a lot of money, especially in the long run. behave


Even though cats clean themselves, if they get dirty because of the mud, or because the got something sticky on them, it can be almost impossible to bathe them. Dogs on the other side, usually love water and love bathing. Usually, it is a lot easier to get a god into the bathtub than the cat into the bathroom.

Final Word

Hopefully, you found this article helpful. We know it is very difficult to decide to only get one of these two amazing pets, but hopefully, this article will make it at least a bit easier for you. Choosing which buddy will wait for you back home until you get back from work, grooming them, and playing with them can be very relaxing and helpful for your emotional health as well. Whether you chose a team cat or team dog, there is no doubt that you will eventually be happy with the choice you made, especially if you’re choosing a buddy for your children. If that’s the case then we know it will be one of the best gifts they’ll ever receive. 

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