What do your pets find entertaining

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What do your pets find entertaining

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Looking for ways to entertain your furry friends, Your pet is your best friend and gets bored when they are lonely. No one wants their pets to succumb to low moods and eventually be sad. Therefore, it is always essential to keep your pets busy and entertained.

Sometimes keeping your cat or dog busy can be overwhelming. Your favourite furry friends need physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. Here are my favourite tips to keep your pets active and happy round the clock.


These are classic, fun rubber toys dedicated to making your dog busy and happy. Despite of age, size, or breed, your dog must fall in love with this toy. Kongs are hollow toys and comes in all sizes; there are options for strong chewers and puppies alike. To keep your dog busy, fill the hollow interior of the kong with peanut butter, biscuits, or yogurt, and then freeze the toy. Pets love the sweet smell of peanut and yogurt, and they will spend hours trying to get the last dollop.

Get them a snuffle mat

Pets are easily attracted by smell; therefore, you can it is good to encourage them to use their nose. Snuffle mats are designed to hide your pets’ food so that they beat the challenge as they search for it. Hide treats or food inside the mat and let your dog use their nose to beat the trick.

Stage a scavenger hunting

Typically, puzzles are made for stimulating brains. You can use puzzles to challenge the minds of your pets. Puzzle games primarily involve hiding treats or food within several compartments that your pet will find challenging to identify. Your dog or cat will spend hours trying to locate the treats.

Let them watch television

There are various channels that your pet will find interesting to watch. Netflix offers plenty of stations where your pet will be interested in watching and hearing the sounds of meowing cats and barking dogs. Leaving your pet to watch their favorite channels will keep them in the quiet house and avoid probable troubles.

Keep them company

If you work from home, this is a lovely chance to enjoy spending moments with your pets. Don’t you think pets can make very nice co-workers? Your pet will enjoy being by your side as your figures play with the PC keyboard. Invite your furry friend to meetings and be sure they will enjoy the interaction.

Play hide and seek with your pets

Above all things, your furry friends like gaming. Try to incorporate game time in your busy schedule and learn what your best friends like most. As you play hide and seek games with pets, you can incorporate other items to spice their moods. After the hide and seek challenge, you can reward your pet with a treat.

Take your pet for a playdate

Schedule time for your pets to play with their peers belonging to a trusted neighbor. Before scheduling this, make sure you have some prior knowledge that both pets will enjoy the game. If you are not present during the entire play, leave your veterinarian’s contacts in case anything happens.  

Play shell game

Keep your pet’s brain active by placing a treat under one cup out of three of four. Stimulate the brains of tour pet as it tries to find the treat.


Take time to interact and entertain your pet. By doing so, you make your bond strong and stimulate them throughout the day. If you are going to work, leave an assortment of interactive toys for your pet to play with and have busy entertaining days.

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